Sunday, April 9, 2017

Some more 15mm armored goodness!

M-13/40 from Battlefront's line.

Semovente with long 75mm gun.  It took me quite awhile to apply the camouflage to this one. 

Super Pershing.  This one is a GaleForce 9 expansion kit for Tanks.  You can build the kit as a Pershing, or the Super Pershing.

I don't have pics of the completed kit.  I will add them later....since I have painted the MG's and other details since I took this picture.

TACAM R-2.  A Romanian tank destroyer model from Battlefront.  Cool little kit and it looks the business with the crew painted and decals added.  In the Tanks game, I use this as a Stug-IIIg for now...

The Romanians prepare to ambush the American armored column.  Must be some sort of alternate history here!
A Battlefront Pershing surveys the river valley below, scanning for targets.