Friday, December 26, 2008

Russian BRDM scout car with AT-5 Spandrel ATGW

More Heavy Metal, A Russian T-72

This is a T-72 tank (CinC model, 285th scale). It is in the boring Russian green, but it sure looks like it means business anyway!

T-90 on the prowl

Here is a GHQ 1/285th Russian T-90 tank. I painted it using a camo scheme for the northern climes. The red dots are the Shtora self-defense system...IR (infrared) devices meant to confuse ATGW's that use IR guidance. Is the red color appropriate? Probably not, most pictures show the color in that area to be just like the color around it...but I wanted the contrast!

In the Beginning...

Well, this will be my first venture into authoring my own blog. I have lots of experience reading and perusing blogs though ;)