Sunday, January 27, 2013

More 1/2400th Scale Modern Ships

 British Type 45 by SeaWulf Miniatures. Not as nice as GHQ, but it does look good!
Another GHQ Oliver Hazard Perry frigate.  I did not paint this.  I added some touches and based it though. 
 Knox class frigate from GHQ.  The Vallejo Water Effects stuff sure does the trick.
 Kilo class submarine.  Going to build up the bow wave over time, but another splendid GHQ model.
Foxtrot submarine from Superior.  Again, not GHQ quality, but damn nice!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Los Angeles class submarine

1/2400th GHQ model of a Los Angeles class submarine.  I tried out some Vallejo Water Effects on
this one....I think it will be my basing material of choice for ships from now on. 

Knox class frigate

 Another beautiful GHQ model in its tiny 1/2400th glory!