Sunday, April 24, 2016

Island Fighting

Island scene made with GHQ minis (Type 95 Ha Go and some infantry), Vallejo texture, various tufts and tiny metal palm trees.  Perfect for Command Decision or the Pacific Leader variant of Panzer Leader!

Desert Theme

An Afrika Korps command group (GHQ minis)

An oasis made with Vallejo texture pastes, tufts of grass and rock, and some tiny metal palm trees.

A Shapeways model of a Bison from Master of Military.  
Very nice, although I need to paint the jerry cans!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Bush Wars in 1/285. A project in progress. Mix of Scotia and GHQ kit. The G6 self-propelled gun is a massive beast!

Some 1/285 buildings added to the collection

Leva Miniatures Franconian house.  Needed some repairs,
but it painted up nicely.

Russian church from JR miniatures.  I really like how this one looks on the table.

Another beautiful resin cast from Leva minis

Simple desert dwellings.  Nice hefty and clean castings from CinC
Spectacular Leva mini.  A bunker disguised as a farmhouse.  I added a gun barrel and this gorgeous model
virtually paints itself!

Ruins in metal, not sure of the manufacturer of these...

Japanese micro armor, diorama style

Almost forgot this tiny diorama.  GHQ Shinhoto Chi Ha tank and infantry.

Some micro armor...

CinC 75mm AT gun.  Beautiful clean castings
CinC German MG and mortar crews, meant for Squad Leader in miniature, but
should be just fine for other rules!
Not a good picture, but a movie "Tiger" for the "Battle of the Bulge."  Of course,
 this is a GHQ M-47 Patton to get that 60's movie feel.  Soon to be fighting it out
 with Telly Savalas' M-24 Chafee!

Stug IIIg not painted by me, but my basing work.  Nice new GHQ casting!
Stug IIIF by GHQ on the prowl on the snowy steepes of Mother Russia

Another old GHQ model, a German Nashorn with some added artillery crewmen
A lend-lease Churchill tank on the Russian Front.  Another old GHQ casting
CinC T-35 Land Battleship
GHQ T-34's defend the motherland from the German invaders

An Old casting by GHQ of a German Elefant tank destroyer

Sunday, January 27, 2013

More 1/2400th Scale Modern Ships

 British Type 45 by SeaWulf Miniatures. Not as nice as GHQ, but it does look good!
Another GHQ Oliver Hazard Perry frigate.  I did not paint this.  I added some touches and based it though. 
 Knox class frigate from GHQ.  The Vallejo Water Effects stuff sure does the trick.
 Kilo class submarine.  Going to build up the bow wave over time, but another splendid GHQ model.
Foxtrot submarine from Superior.  Again, not GHQ quality, but damn nice!