Sunday, April 15, 2012

1/6000th Scale Ships for Victory in the Pacific with Miniatures

I finally finished painting and applying the paper numbers for the Victory in the Pacific stats to the ships. A true labor of love. I just need to get the map printed and we will be ready to play Avalon Hill's classic game with miniatures! I still plan on basing up some 1/1250 aircraft for the Japanese and Allied land based air units. I already have some carrier aircraft ready to go. I hope you enjoy the photos. You can see my Japanese ships in earlier blog posts.
USS S. Dakota docked.
USS Iowa and USS North Carolina in the background.
Battleship Row, December 7th, 1941. Of course some of the ships are modernized, the island isn't right, the Vestal isn't there...but hey, it's cool!
USS Arizona
The Japanese I-boat stalks the heavy cruiser USS Indianapolis.
USS Baltimore escorts the light carrier USS Bataan.
A view of one of the contents of one of the two cigar boxes I use to store the ships.
The USS Hornet prepares to launch the Doolittle Raid.
The USS Houston sails with HNMS DeRuyter.
The USS Franklin with a lowered hangar elevator.