Sunday, April 9, 2017

15mm Tanks added to my collection

A Zvezda Stug-IIIb, painted and decaled as a vehicle
 from the Grossdeutschland  Regiment

Zvezda Panzer 38T's ready to roll off to the Russian Front.

My first attempt to airbrush a tank.  A Panther tank.
This one is from the Tanks! Sherman versus Panther game.
I hate how the humidity gave me the puffy primer coat.
Oh well, still looks good on the table.

Decals for the 10th SS Frundsberg Division

My second airbrushed batch, this time King Tiger tanks for the 505th Schwere Panzerabteilung.  Once again, the models are from Zvezda.  These models were a joy to build and have plenty of detail.

An ersatz M10...A Panther disguised as an American tank destroyer ready to join 
Otto Skorzeny's detachment for Operation Autumn Mist!  

A beautiful resin and metal kit from Battlefront. I find these to be fiddly to build, 
but they do paint up nicely.

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