Friday, March 11, 2016

Some micro armor...

CinC 75mm AT gun.  Beautiful clean castings
CinC German MG and mortar crews, meant for Squad Leader in miniature, but
should be just fine for other rules!
Not a good picture, but a movie "Tiger" for the "Battle of the Bulge."  Of course,
 this is a GHQ M-47 Patton to get that 60's movie feel.  Soon to be fighting it out
 with Telly Savalas' M-24 Chafee!

Stug IIIg not painted by me, but my basing work.  Nice new GHQ casting!
Stug IIIF by GHQ on the prowl on the snowy steepes of Mother Russia

Another old GHQ model, a German Nashorn with some added artillery crewmen
A lend-lease Churchill tank on the Russian Front.  Another old GHQ casting
CinC T-35 Land Battleship
GHQ T-34's defend the motherland from the German invaders

An Old casting by GHQ of a German Elefant tank destroyer

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