Sunday, December 16, 2012

1/2400 Oliver Hazard Perry class frigate by GHQ

Not a good background, but I am happy with how this model painted up.  So much detail to work with....I love GHQ!!!


  1. Great Looking Models! I see you have quite a few GHQ Miniatures. Really nice paintjobs on them. Especially your Microarmour!

    I have a toy blog that includes GHQ Modern Micronauts and I am also starting up Microarmour. Lets Google COnnect with each other! You can also like my page via Facebook!

    The webbie is

  2. Will do. I have some pics of 1/6000 Singaporean ships I got from that you might enjoy!

  3. Hey, Sorry I have been on a holiday for awhile. Finally added you on google connect! I was browsing but I can't seem to find the Singapore Ships by that you mention about.

    In any case, would love to see more of your GHQ Armour and Micronauts! I will be rolling mine out as soon as possible too!

    DO Google Connect with me (: Cheers!

  4. Oh and btw, Happy New Year! (: