Sunday, December 11, 2011

Battle of the Bulge in 2mm and 3mm

These stands are 60mm x 60mm and are meant to represent battalions.
This first pic shows a Panzergrenadier battalion of Panzer Lehr. All of the miniatures, except the telephone pole, are from Pico Armor/Oddzial Ozmy. That Pak40 75mm antitank gun with crew is awesome!
This is the 243rd Sturmgeschutz "Brigade." These were added to Panzer Lehr before the German offensive, since Panzer Lehr was low on armor. Again, all of the miniatures are from Pico Armor/Oddzial Ozmy, except for the halftrack that came from a 1/700 Pit Road kit.
Here we have the 130th Panzer Battalion of Panzer Lehr. The battalion was a mix of Panthers and Pzkw IVh's. Again, other than the halftrack, these are all minis from Pico Armor/Oddzial Ozmy.
Another view of the 130th Panzer Battalion.
Finally, a shot of the 559th Jagdpanzer Battalion that was also attached to Panzer Lehr for the offensive. The Jagdpanthers and halftrack are 1/700 plastic minis from Pit Road. The barn is scratch built. The snow effect was achieved using a different method from the other stands. Which do you prefer? Well...there you have it. More pics to follow. These stands are a joy to make. I wish the Pit Road models, both in plastic and the harder to find metal, were easier to obtain. The Oddzial Ozmy minis are quite nice though and the range is extensive and growing! Their infantry are simply the best.


  1. Really nice work !!

    Do you mind if I link this article to my 1:600 blog and hotlink the photos ? Id like to point my readers to your excellent work as well.


  2. I would like to permission too if its ok? :). Robert

    My 3mm-1/600 Wargaming Yahoo Group

  3. No problem, please feel free to link. I am hoping to interact with other gamers who like the smaller scales and might be interested in grand tactical/strategic games using those scales.

  4. Thanks!! I certainly will. I have been an advocate for the 3mm-1/600 scale for many years since I first found out about it. Land,Air and Sea. And for all eras .:) Robert

  5. Another thing I like about this scale is the possibility of linking together a number of interests at the same time.

    Aside from miniatures and the gaming table, I also like messing around with blender and doing 3D modelling. Its good to know that you can model 3D tanks and aircraft on your computer, and then cheaply get them built via shapeways. That adds a very cool dimension to the whole miniature modelling thing.

    Mind you - one of the things I love about miniature gaming is that it gets me away from the damn computer !! ... but in this case, using the computer actually makes sense.

    Exciting times we live in !

  6. Glad to hear you are doing 3D modeling Steve. Arun has really been doing a good job with that for 1/6000 naval on Shapeways, especially the modern stuff that I was worried would never be made. It would be cool to see some tanks done in the 3mm scale using Shapeways FUD material. How about some M-18 tank destroyers, or Long Tom 155mm guns, or King Kong M12 SP guns? I have some M-36 Jackson TD's in metal by Pit Road, but they are the only ones made and impossible to find!

  7. Ouch - the TODO list grows ever longer ;)

    I am working on some interwar stuff at the moment, still getting used to the shiny new features in blender 2.6 (Brilliant bit of software, but the learning curve is always there). Grab a copy and start working through the innumerable tutorials online - massive fun !

    Adding the finishing touches to my Erhardt E-V/4 blender model at the moment .. which is a relatively simple design that suits box modelling pretty well. Using this as a learning exersize to go through the whole design to 3D printing loop, to see what works, where the costs really are, and things like that.

    Drifting off topic here perhaps, but its also exciting knowing that you can model something once, and 3D print the same construct in different scales. The Erhardt ... if it works out, I will do in 15mm scale and look at getting some moulds made for casting. Doing it in 3mm - would probably go straight on a base just using the FUD material, without the need to cast in metal.

    Bit of old school modelling as well - I have some 2mm irregular hanomags, which look similar to your Pit Road models. I managed to easily hack mine to have some PzGren crew in the back using just greenstuff. Much easier job than it looks at this scale, as you only need the suggestion of heads in the model.

    Tried doing a simple PzIII using greenstuff at this scale, and that was a nightmare. I think that 3D modelling and printing is the only humanly possible alternative at this teeny weeny scale. Makes you totally appreciate the older 2mm irregular models if you consider that they were done by hand (I think).

    I am assuming that Oddzial does all of their mastering on 3D computer models, since the detail (if you check them out under a high power magnifier) is beyond any reasonable human capabilities !!!!

    Its hard not to be totally overwhelmed by how great the O8 models are.

  8. Wow, I look at your work and I feel like I really need to step my game up. Hey wait, I have another excuse to get back to my workbench. Thanks.